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Improving mentoring in the workplace for 1,000,000 employees and counting

Brandon Hall Award for Delivering the Most Successful Matching Algorithm For Mentoring Programs

Award-Winning Mentoring Software

MentorcliQ has the most successful matching algorithm available on the market.

ATD Award for Best Practices in Coaching and Mentoring

Award-Winning Results

Best practices in coaching and mentoring in global leadership development and sponsorship programs.

HR Tech Outlook Award for driving employee engagement, development, and retention in Mentoring Programs

Award-Winning Technology

Mentoring software that intentionally drives employee engagement, development, and retention.

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MentorcliQ Featured In Chief Learning Officer
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MentorcliQ Featured in ATD

Improving workplace mentoring for more than 1,000,000 employees and counting.

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“It was so fast, so easy – it’s a no-brainer. When you think of how much work is on people’s plates, if you want mentoring to work you have to make it easy.”

Susan Moss, Cardinal Health
Program Manager for LEAD, Mentoring,
Sponsorship, and Leadership Development

Mentoring Programs That Engage, Inspire, and Transform Your People

MentorcliQ Mentoring Software

MentorcliQ provides a full-featured mentoring software platform for recruiting, enrolling, matching, managing, and measuring participants in mentoring and other employee development programs. MentorcliQ delivers participant and administrator experiences that are easy, intuitive, and engaging.


MentorcliQ’s Mentoring Program Lifecycle

MentorcliQ delivers the most engaged mentoring programs for employees.


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