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100 Countries 6 Continents 10+ Languages

Our software is used in 100 countries on 6 continents. Your workforce is global and so is our software. You can deploy our software worldwide in more than 10 languages. Let’s go global together, and give your employees the development they deserve.


Chemicals: 65,000 employees

“MentorcliQ is an amazing platform to support multiple mentoring programs to meet your business needs … The support staff at MentorcliQ is always available with best practices and solutions to all our mentoring questions … MentorcliQ is truly an innovative product that will enhance any existing program you have or work with a dedicated team to design one.”

Banking: 15,000 employees

Hospitality: 40,000 employees

Mining & Metals: 10,000 employees

Manufacturing: 36,000

Computer Software: 12,000 employees

Pharmaceuticals: 21,500

Research: 22,000 employees

Healthcare: 38,000 employees

Government: 15,000 employees

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1. Partner with MentorcliQ

“Cardinal Health Enthusiastically using MentorcliQ’s ‘no brainer’ mentor-manage software”

“We’re not making people jump through hoops, we’re not adding a burden – and that is huge. When you think of how much work is on people’s plates, if you want mentoring to work you have to make it easy. [MentorcliQ] was so fast, so easy – it’s a no-brainer.”   Read Full Article >

2. Win Awards

Cardinal Health & MentorcliQ win ATD Excellence in Practice Award
The Association of Talent Development (ATD), which is the largest talent development association in the world, awarded Cardinal Health and MentorcliQ the Excellence in Practice Award for Mentoring and Coaching. This award was the result of their joint work in applying best practices to achieve impressive results in a number of leadership development and sponsorship programs at Cardinal Health.

3. Have Case Studies Written about You

APQC Case Study on Cardinal Health Mentoring

APQC details the thoughtful strategy Cardinal Health employed to use mentoring strategically across the company to achieve its business goals.

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(20 min read)

Cardinal Health featured in Talent Development

Talent Development magazine features how Cardinal Health created intentional mentoring opportunities to foster an informal mentoring culture.

Read Case Study
(5 min read)

Cardinal Health featured in Chief Learning Officer

Chief Learning Officer magazine highlights the success of Cardinal Health’s mentoring program and how MentorcliQ supported that success.

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(5 min read)

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Pharmaceuticals: 9,500 employees

Real Estate: 1,000+ employees

Food & Beverage: 1,000+ employees

Management Consulting: 3,000 employees

Engineering: 3,000 employees

Law Practice: 1,000+ employees

Hospital: 4,000 employees

Financial Services: 8,000 employees

Transportation: 1,000+ employees