MentorcliQ Events

MentorCom 2018

Thursday, September 20 | 9AM-7PM EST
MentorCom brings together mentoring experts and organizations to create a community of like-minded professionals who learn from one another by sharing experiences and best practices. You will have the opportunity to Listen to colleagues, Learn from experts, and Earn continuing education credits. You will expand your network and grow your expertise.

Free Webinar: Attract & Grow Quality Mentors

Recorded On June 13 | 12:30PM EST
Communicating value and motivating mentors is a key component of a successful mentoring program. Jenn Labin, author of Mentoring Programs That Work and Phil George, CEO of MentorcliQ will discuss how to attract, motivate and inspire your mentors. Join us to learn about best practices for training mentors and learn some unique approaches that organizations are using to incentivize mentors.

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