MentorcliQ Services

“Wonderful, amazing, impressive, phenomenal are just a few of the superlatives I can think of to describe what you have done. You’ve not only made my day, you’ve made my week and my month!”

-Fortune 500 Customer

MentorcliQ Training and Resources


Personalized training and
resources for your employees and program administrators.

MentorcliQ Award-Winning Support


Concierge design, implementation, and program support from a dedicated success coach.

The MentorcliQ Platform Offers State-of-the-art Security


State of the art systems ensure data security and integrity.

MentorcliQ integrates with HRIS and LMS Systems


Software as a Service (SaaS) plays nicely with your HRIS and Learning Management systems.

Mentoring Training

Mentoring has been around for thousands of years, so it isn’t a new thing. But it is a new thing for many participating in your mentoring program. To help your program succeed, you must help your participants succeed by educating them about the program and their roles.

MentorcliQ supports both Employees and Administrators throughout the mentoring program.

  • JUST-IN-TIME TRAINING RESOURCES – The MentorcliQ Resource Library includes training documents, videos, and worksheets that provide the right guidance at the right time.
  • ADMINISTRATOR TRAINING – MentorcliQ delivers short live training sessions for administrators to get them up an running on the system, and provides leave-behind documentation to keep them going. (Admins can always get additional training or help from their Dedicated Success Coach.)
  • PARTICIPANT LAUNCH EVENT (Optional) – MentorcliQ can help you deliver a participant launch event designed to inform and excite employees in the program.

View A Sample Training Video

Sample Mentoring Training Video

Mentoring Support

We’re in this together! We succeed when your programs succeed. That’s why we dedicate our best people to supporting you and your mentoring programs. Support highlights include:

Mentoring Success Plan

MentorcliQ will help make you successful by supporting you at every stage of your program lifecycle.

Design Award-Winning Employee Development Programs

Design & Implement

Work with an expert to design award-winning development programs for your employees.

MentorcliQ Monthly Support Meeting

Program and Product Check-Ins

Monthly 1-hour meeting to review program activity and health.

MentorcliQ Annual Strategy Meeting

Mentoring Strategy Assessment

Annual 2-hour meeting to review strategic outcomes and goals.

Launch Employee Development Programs

Program Launch/Relaunch

Planning and configuration support for launching new programs and re-launching a new cycle for existing programs.

    The MentorcliQ Implementation Engineer works with you to design, configure and deploy your mentoring programs. We make the process quick and easy. Some customers have even told us it was “fun.”
    Your MentorcliQ Dedicated Success Coach is here to help you create and support successful mentoring and talent development programs. He or she is your point of contact for support needs, will help review program metrics, and help you think about program strategy.
  • FULLY MANAGED (optional)
    Your own personal program administrator to do all the things to keep your employees raving about the program.

    • Daily monitoring of activity, support, follow-up and engagement of participants.
    • Monthly check-in with Program Stakeholders to share progress.
    • Communication, content development, and delivery
    • Key events such as Mentor Training, Program Launch, Mid-cycle Check-in, and Program Closure


Data Security and Privacy

We take data security, integrity, and privacy seriously. Of course, we will provide your IT group with more formal documentation on this stuff, but for now, here are a few highlights.

  • Hosting Environment Is SOC 2, Type II And ISO 27001 Certified
  • Daily Automated Vulnerability Scanning And Penetration Testing
  • Comply With GDPR Directives
  • EU-US And Swiss-US Privacy Shield
  • Both US-based And European-Based Hosting Available
  • End-To-End Encryption
  • Single Tenancy
  • Automated Backups With Disaster Recovery Tested To Full Failover Annually
  • WCAG And 508 Accessibility Compliance



IT groups love us, because MentorcliQ is easy to integrate with your existing systems and daily workflow. Our customers are using MentorcliQ alongside popular HR and learning systems such as Workday, Oracle, SuccessFactors (SAP), etc.

MentorcliQ Integrates With HR and Learning Management Systems

What it takes to get started

Simple deployment only requires two IT actions:

  1. Whitelist *** email address so that participants can receive email from our mentoring system.
  2. Export select values from your HRIS system for use by the MentorcliQ profile during enrollment.

That’s it! You’re ready to go!